The JLINC Simulator

Unlocking a New Era in Personal Data Management


Current methods around sourcing, managing and using personal data are not working well. This situation has been building up for many years, and on current trajectory will get worse. The JLINC team believe that this situation cannot be fixed incrementally, or with tinkering around the edges whether they be regulatory, technical, societal, or by changes in business practices.

Our Innovative Approach

We are introducing a Simulator test and learn environment in order that we collectively explore a new model. In doing so we will introduce a number of concepts and innovations that point towards a different model, one that we believe moves beyond the current scenario in which personal data is often akin to low grade fuel and a mis-firing, sub-optimally performing engine.

The Simulator: A Safe Haven

Being based primarily on synthetic data, the Simulator offers a safe, governed place in which brands and organisations can engage, understand and help shape these emerging models. The Simulator covers a wide range of aspects of individual lives, across a range of persona; and many B2C/ G2C industry sectors.

Imagine if information sharing agreements were standardised, so that people did not have a different agreement in place with every organisation they deal with; and that these agreements built a platform for more trustworthy data sharing aimed at generating win-win outcomes

What if people had a ‘core profile’ with their key details that they could selectively share with organisations rather than have a different ‘My Account’ function for every organisation they deal with. And that this approach generated a control tower/ dashboard for the individual that allowed them a view across all of their many data sharing relationships

What new possibilities emerge when individuals have strong software agent capabilities built on their side and acting on their behalf; and these agents operate on/ contribute to a rich data-set under the control of the individual running all appropriate machine learning and artificial intelligence models to add value and drive automation and efficient processes

And consider that these individuals and their agents can contribute their data and generate further learning, actionable insight and rich, demand side data

And that delivery of the above, at scale, would be via an open, global, governed data sharing network design to enable individuals and the organisations they engage with in a trustworthy data ecosystem

Then imagine what new data, data flows and data services will emerge from many places in that new model

Exploring Key Concepts

The Simulator looks at data sharing relationships from both individual and organisational perspective and includes the ability to ‘sign in’ from both sides using a common set of tools on the organisation side to understand how the different underlying data sharing model enables new capabilities.

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