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JLINC is a totally new paradigm for personal data where people can grant permissions to organisations they trust. 

What is JLINC ?

JLINC is a new protocol for permissioned data exchange on the Internet. This creates “data provenance” where all parties can prove the chain of custody and agreement for the data they share. 

JLINC Labs is a team of privacy, identity, customer management, CRM and technology experts, who have built a suite of technology Solutions on a new Internet protocol called JLINC, designed to allow individuals to easily set their own data sharing preferences and conveniently manage their data permissions across the web. 

A corresponding set of tools and services enable organisations to benefit from a new relationship with their customers while more easily fulfilling the most difficult GDPR rules for Personal Data Control.

How does this help the organisation?

JLINC reduces friction for individuals by providing a simple consistent way for people to manage their relationships with organisations.Brands that build truly trusted relationships with their customers earn higher revenue, repeat business and are generally more profitable.

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Under the GDPR, EU citizens have a new set of rights that organisations must fulfill. The GDPR offers an opportunity for leading brands to build better relationships with their customers. 

JLINC makes it easy to fulfill GDPR consent, while also fulfilling more challenging GDPR personal data requirements. 

JLINC allows people to painlessly permission their data in real time for use by your organisation. 

Truly dynamic interaction builds trust and offers the ONLY real solution for the most challenging GDPR requirements for personal data: 

  • Transparent Consent
  • Data Use Notification
  • The Right to Erasure
  • Data Rectification
  • Data Portability
  • Control Over 3rd Party Data Sharing

JLINC allows people to permission their data and share it with organisations they trust. This revolutionizes marketing, allowing organisations to foster deeper relationships with their customers.

The JLINC Personal Data Service is always FREE for individuals.

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