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JLINC provides
data control
across the Internet 

What is JLINC ?

JLINC is a new ‘permissioned data’ layer on the Internet – a simple way to control the automated exchange of data between databases at separate domains. 

JLINC offers new 'self-validating' smart contracts in JavaScript, which are human readable and therefore legally binding, unlike 'self-executing' smart contracts written in solidity.

This provides ‘data-provenance’, a cryptographically signed chain of custody for data where all parties hold a signed copy, and audit proof can be written to any database, log, ledger or blockchain.

Blockchain Integration

Despite early enthusiasm for blockchain as a 'distributed' technology, the reality is that each blockchain is really a new data silo.

JLINC provides the 3rd party permissioning of data necessary to interoperate across multi-party chains
– the missing 'middleware' in many blockchain stacks
– the standard, universal, developer-friendly, inter-operable 'off-chain solution'

Personal Data Control

JLINC enables businesses to give people control over their data. It gives users a convenient way to update all their preferences at once for all the companies they trust, and provides control over how their data can be used – after it is shared.

JLINC runs on fully transparent automated data contracts where all parties can prove both the chain of custody and mutually agreed terms for the data they share. This puts data under the user’s control.

Users can grant, or revoke, data permissions to businesses – In seconds.

How does this help the organization?

Quality data
JLINC delivers the highest quality data possible. Volunteered 1st party data is infinitely more valuable than spying on someone to attempt to infer their interests with adtech. For the rest of the Fortune 5000, over 3 trillion dollars a year is wasted on the bad data in the US alone. By giving people a way to update and manage their own data, companies they trust can realize huge savings.

Brands that build trusted relationships with their customers earn higher revenue, gain more repeat business and are generally more profitable. JLINC allows companies to deepen and automate a direct relationship with their customers.

Legislative Compliance
JLINC provides a comprehensive global solution that satisfies all existing and proposed data legislation, including GDPR and ePrivacy in the EU, and CCPA in California, as well as other laws in Asia, the South Pacific, and around the world.

  • Transparent Consent
  • Data Use Notification
  • The Right to Erasure
  • Data Rectification
  • Data Portability
  • Control Over 3rd Party Data Sharing

JLINC allows people to share their data and interests directly with organizations they trust.
This revolutionizes marketing, allowing organizations to foster deeper relationships with their customers.

The JLINC Personal Data Service is FREE
for individuals.

How it Works