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JLINC Labs is based in Oakland California with staff in London and other locations around the world. The founders have been at the center of a small community of developers working on “user-centric digital identity” for almost two decades. They first attracted a core group of international identity and privacy experts who understand the unique implications of the JLINC protocol and could work for options. The team now includes a growing number of software developers, design, communicataion, and business development staff working to commercialize the technology.

Jim Fournier

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur. Early social network visionary, founders shares in Linkedin IPO. Co-Founded Planetwork conference in 2000. Sold cleantech startup BEC in 2011.

Oakland CA

Victor Grey

CTO & Founder

Independent full-stack developer, wrote one of 1st social networks in 1997. Coded the first user-centric digital identity and distributed  protocol based systems.

Oakland CA

Giles Watkins

Commercial Director

IAPP country chair for UK. Partner EY & KPMG. Founded Concentium, acquired by KPMG 2014. 27 years in FinTech, identity, privacy, security and enterprise due diligence.

London UK

Michael Leifer

Chief Marketing Officer

Cultural anthropologist and analyst. CEO guerillaPR. Co-Founder, C3Live, webcasting content syndication and licensing company, partnership with Microsoft, MTV, Redbull, sold 2000.

Oakland CA

Iain Henderson

Director, CRM & Analytics Products

CRM and Analytics Manager at Fortune 500 financial services.
3-decades experience in enterprise CRM and Salesforce. Pioneer in customer intent-casting and VRM.

London UK

John Wunderlich

Data Protection Officer

Information privacy and security expert. 25 years operations and compliance with Fortune 500, government ministries, regulators and health system organizations.

Toronto ONT

Lindsay Brauner

Communication & Creative

Communication and CreativeMedia consultant, broadcaster, teacher, propaganda nerd and cofounder of 2Bbrands. Graduate of UC Berkeley.  

Oakland CA

Hallie Brauner

Communication & Creative

Communication and CreativeCoach, writer, media consultant, cofounder of 2Bbrands, banter wizard. Graduate of UC Santa Barbara. 
Can run in circles very fast.

Oakland CA

Sebastian Maj

Graphic Design

Lead designer. Created the JLINC knot, logo, graphics and icon languages. Lead on web design, collateral and product interface.

Warsaw PL

Jared Grippe

Lead Developer

Developer and teacher at Dev Bootcamp. Founder, Web Developer since 98, Ruby since 2007, React since 2014, favorite language, JavaScript.

Oakland CA

Sylvan Swierkosz

Software Developer

Front end focused full stack software engineer. Dancer. Productivity nerd. Creator of psychedelic art.

Oakland CA

Andrew Mowat

Salesforce Architect

Certified Salesforce developer. Over 12 years experience working on investment management, telecoms, health & fitness, manufacturing and education.

Edinburgh UK

Paul Weston

Customer Data Expert

30 years experience in Marketing and CRM with a primary focus on customer data. Proponent of the concept of data-driven creativity.

London UK

Zoe Platek

Social Marketing & Outreach

Digital socio-cultural detective and influencer. COO of guerilla PR. Designer of consensus-based narratives, programs & movements.

Global Digital Nomad

Zoriana Domańska

Artist & Illustrator

Creative artist behind Alice & Bob, and the JLINX. Freelance illustrator and tattoo artist.

Warsaw PL