About JLINC Labs

JLINC Labs was founded in 2015 by Jim Fournier and Victor Grey
to develop the JLINC protocol.

The team has developed a number of projects:

The JLINC open protocol: https://jlinc.org

The core JLINC open-source codebase for Web 2 interoperation between JLINC agent servers representing separate entities. https://github.com/jlinclabs/jlinc

JLINX, a web3 reference implementation of JLINC with micro-ledgers, directed acyclic graph (DAG) data streams that provide immutable records without consensus overhead. https://www.jlinx.io

Subsidiaries and joint ventures:

Tru, federated social networking and publishing platform: https://www.tru.net

DataYogi, personal data management service unlocking the power of your data: https://datayogi.me

Attrax, enabling customers to define the advertising and marketing they see: https://attrax.io

HCare, user managed health care and medical records under HIPA


JLINC Labs is based in Oakland California with an international team of digital identity, marketing and privacy experts in London, Edinburgh, New York, Toronto & Poland

Jim Fournier

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CEO & Founder
Oakland CA

Serial entrepreneur. Early social network visionary, founders shares Linkedin IPO. Cofounded the Planetwork conferences. Sold cleantech startup BEC in 2011.

Victor Grey

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Chief Architect & Founder
Oakland CA

Independent full-stack developer, wrote one of the 1st social networks in 1997. Coded first user-centric digital identity and distributed protocol based systems.

Jared Grippe

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Oakland CA

Developer and teacher at Dev Bootcamp. Founder, Other.io. Web Developer since 98, Ruby since 2007, React since 2014, favorite language, JavaScript.

Matthew Sluder

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Oakland CA

As VP of Sales at Guayaki Yerba Mate 2014-2018, helped grow sales from $24M to $72M, social movement organizer, passion for scaling solutionary systemic change.

Miguel Solari

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Chief Marketing Officer
Oakland CA

Web3 and sustainable product design, marketing and brand strategy.‍

Iain Henderson

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Architect, Personal Data Solutions
Edinburgh UK

Consultant with 30+ years experience in enterprise CRM, customer data management, privacy and ethical data process design.

John Wunderlich

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Data Protection Officer
Toronto ONT

Information privacy and security expert. 25 years operations and compliance with Fortune 500, government ministries, regulators & health system organizations.

Dean Landsman

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Digital Strategy Officer
New York NY

Built & sold Radio Station & Media research business. Noted Broadcast Ratings Analyst. Computerized Broadcast Research & Marketing Systems

Sebastian Maj

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Graphic Design
Wroclaw PL

Lead designer. Created the JLINC knot and logo, graphics, icon languages, web design, collateral and product interface.