JLINC Privacy Policy

JLINC Privacy Commitment

We developed the JLINC protocol to enable people and organizations to share information on equal terms through the use of Standard Information Sharing Agreements.

We understand that most people don’t read so-called privacy policies. That means that most people don’t receive the notice that they need to give meaningful consent to the use of their data. JLINC web sites will collect the minimum information technically necessary to deliver the services for each site. This includes information like HTTP header and Internet Protocol (IP) address, as well as session cookies to allow you avoid repeated login, where necessary. This information will not be shared or sold to others. Any personal information collected or used beyond that minimum will require your explicit affiramtive agreement.

The JLINC protocol and JLINC software services are "user centric", one of the key principles of Privacy by Design. That means that Standard Information Sharing Agreements used by the JLINC protocol provide both convient general control and detailed granular control over the data you share, and the permissions you grant to those with whom you share it.

JLINC puts you at the center of control over your data. The JLINC service is designed to empower users by providing contextually valid and relevant control over your information using the JLINC protocol. JLINC beleives that it is time to replace a broken “Notice and Consent” system with a “Negotiate and Agree” system that puts you (the user) in control of your side of a signed agreement for access and use of your personal information.

Website Privacy Statement

This web site uses standard web server logs so that we can know how many visitors we have had, what pages they visit, what kind of browser they have, and how they came to the site. We do not, and will not attempt to identify users. Nor will we share or sell any information about our site visitors.

Other sites operated by or on behalf of JLINC Labs or our customers may collect, use, disclose, retain, or dispose of personally identifiable information. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that individuals who use those sites will be able to clearly understand and control what information is collected about them, how it is used, and for what purposes.